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Some background:  I was born in New Jersey, moved to Wisconsin when I was three, and Cambridge, England when I was six.  Since then I have lived in and traveled through 22 nations.

When I was eleven I started teaching EFL, specifically to my English teacher in Madrid Spain. 

I love traveling and learning about foreign cultures and languages.  My Spanish language is good and I speak some Bahasa Malay.  In addition, I can basically communicate in Korean language, though my grammer isn't very good.

Taking a break from work!

What a job!

This is me on Geriong Mountain.


I've been doing Kumdo (Korean Kendo) for three years.  I have a 2nd Dan in Taekwando and also in Karate.  I love running in mountains, swimming in the sea, skiing, and pumping iron.  I also practice Korean traditional archery.
I read about a book a week, play chess and Paduk (Wei Chi) with friends and go hiking on weekends.

I have a terrific music library and love R & B, Jazz and pop.  In the evenings I often like flute or classical music.