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Korean Swords

Simple Directory of Korean Swordsmiths and Manufacturers

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Simple directory
Here is contact information for swordsmiths and manufacturers I have talked with thus far.

* Han Jong Chil – “Korean Sword Company”

             Makes swords for Korean President Roh Mu Hyun


* Lee Seok Je – “Sword Art” Beautiful Sword Gallery in Seoul



* Lee Eun Cheul - 011-342-3361 (Yeoju Town - Does not sell commercially)

* Lee Sang Seon - 054-572-3026, 054-572-3025, 017-337-1931 Koryo Kings Sword Institute (Munkyong City) 

* Kang Cheul Kyu - (Pocheon City)

* Ra Yeun-hee - (Daejon manufacturer)

 * Park Chong-Kun, the son of venerable Park Yong-Ki, maker of Unjangdo knives 011-9475-7100, 061-762-4853 (Kwangyang City)

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